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India Market Entry

How do some overseas companies do very well in India market and others fail? With the knowledge and experience of industry specialist team of HLS, we support overseas companies in providing solutions to navigate the challenging Indian market with success.

Profit Improvement

We bring industry specialism into practice to support our clients achieve efficiency in their businesses and attain profits even during the tough economic environment. Let’s discuss how can HLS achieve success in Profit Improvement of your company.

Japan Desk

HLS India is primarily focused on supporting Japanese companies and Japanese expatriates for their successful business and pleasant stay in India. The Japan Desk in India also helps Indian companies in their business activities in Japan.

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Our Advisory Services primarily focus on providing practical solutions to business challenges faced by our clients. The professionals from HLS are having relevant skills to manage growth strategy, cost control, risk management and regulatory compliances for our clients and help them adapt to the constantly evolving business environment in India.


A lot of companies thought they implemented optimum compliance systems but learned after the intense regulatory scrutiny that they really did not. In Compliance, there is always room for improvement and continuous improvement never stops. HLS India follows the methodology of continuous improvement in the existing compliance systems and processes to maximize the benefits available under current regulatory environment, introducing the best industry practices, improving the cash flow and profitability, and reducing the risk of regulatory action.

India Market Entry

Doing a successful business in India requires long-term planning, a deep understanding of consumer behaviors and their preferences, marketing practices, patience, and a location-by-location strategy to adapt to the complexity and diversity of India’s markets. With our multidisciplinary teams of industry and sector experts, HLS India supports foreign companies in devising the best strategy to do successful business in the Indian market.

Japan Desk

Our Japan Desk in India is focused on supporting Japanese corporates and Japanese expatriates for their successful business and pleasant stay in India. Please let us know your requirements by writing an email to and we will be glad to get an opportunity to assist you.

Success Stories

HLS Global is known for providing complete “end-to-end” services and solutions for your business. Here are a few examples of what we can do for your company.

Japanese Subsidiary in India

India Market Entry

Indian Railways Sector

The client required technical advisory support on mitigating the differences in the working conditions of operating system of railway equipment in India and Japan. HLS India advised certain changes which were to be done on the equipment based upon Indian working conditions and specifications of Indian Railways and also assisted on passing all critical tests and examinations carried out by RDSO. Due to knowledge and experience working with Indian Railways, HLS India helped the client in getting the approval from RDSO for supplying to Indian Railways.

Japanese Subsidiary in India


Auto Component Sector

The client required a comprehensive Audit service to offer a broader, more holistic view of the business and should not be merely a compliance driven approach without insights into business strategies and performance issues. HLS India deployed a multidisciplinary industry specialist team to focus on business, compliance and accounting issues of the client which helped in re-alignment of strategic goals of the client and improvement in financial reporting processes and designing and implementing effective controls.

Japanese Subsidiary in India

Expatriate Taxation

Chemical Sector

The client required a second opinion to review the correctness of the significant amount of monthly tax outgo on salary of Japanese expatriates. HLS India was engaged to review monthly and annual tax computations of expatriates and identified opportunities for corrections and legitimate tax exemptions available on expatriate salaries. The client got benefitted as we processed significant amount of tax re-fund claim on expatriate salaries for the past 03 years and achieved savings on expatriates’ salary cost.

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