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India Market Entry

Doing successful business in India requires long-term planning, deep understanding of consumer behaviors and their preferences, marketing practices, patience and a location-by-location strategy to adapt to the complexity and diversity of India’s markets.

Profit Improvement

In today’s complex business environment, companies are struggling to be more efficient in everything they do. Profits are squeezed due to the slow-down in economies and fierce competition.

Japan Desk

HLS India is primarily focused on supporting Japanese corporations and Japanese expatriates for their successful business and pleasant stay in India.



Our Advisory services primarily focus on providing solutions to the many challenges faced by our clients in doing business in India.



A lot of companies thought they implemented optimum compliance systems but learned after the intense regulatory scrutiny that they really did not. In Compliance, there is always room for improvement and continuous improvement never stops.

Success Stories

HLS Global is known for providing complete “end-to-end” services and solutions for your business. Here are a few examples of what we can do for your company.

Japanese Company in India


Railway Parts Manufacturing and Sales

Client Challenge:

  • Differences in the working conditions of operating system of equipment in India and Japan
  • Differences in the requirements of Indian Railways and Japanese made equipment
  • Changes were to be done on the equipment based upon Indian working conditions and specifications of Indian Railways.

HLS India Service:

  • Assistance in getting RDSO approval.
  • Guidance in technical specifications and documentation requirements of RDSO.
  • Drafting Indigenisation plan and Quality Audit Plan (QAP).


  • All critical tests and examinations by RDSO is passed.
  • Product is at final stage to get approval from RDSO.

Japanese Company in India


Auto-components Manufacturing and Sales

Client Challenge:

  • Audit findings lacked insights into business strategies and performance prospects.
  • Audit was largely a compliance driven approach and lacked more comprehensive approach that additionally offers a broader, more holistic view of the business.

HLS India Service:

  • Deployed multidisciplinary industry specialist team to focus on business and compliance issues.
  • In addition to Assurance service, reporting on business and accounting insights gained during an audit to the management was key.
  • Communicated risk assessments, which highlighted areas of focus for the audit to the management and providing them with greater transparency for their oversight tasks.


  • Impactful Management Letter highlighted areas of improvement in financial reporting processes.
  • Risk based audit approach helped management to identify relevant risks and focus on designing and implementing effective controls.


Japanese Company

India Entry

FMCG Manufacturing

Client Challenge:

  • Regulatory approval from foreign exchange regulator was getting delayed due to complexity in the nature and diversity of business.
  • The application submitted before the regulator was not adequate to address the concerns and risk parameters of the regulator in India.

HLS India Service:

  • Deployed multidisciplinary tax, regulatory and industry specialist team to focus on regulatory, compliance and business issues.
  • Conducted detailed examination and discussion with the client to understand the objective and nature of business activities.
  • Drafted an application to be submitted before the regulatory authority in an unambiguous manner to ccommunicate and resolve the concerns of the regulator with greater transparency.


  • Received the approval from the regulatory authority within records time of 3-4 weeks.

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