Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Our advisory services provide assistance on industry issues, business risks, and key business processes.

The professionals from HLS are having relevant skills to manage growth strategy, cost control, risk management and regulatory compliances of our clients and help them adapt to the constantly evolving business environment.

Our Advisory services offering cover three broad categories.

Management Consulting

  • Corporate and Organization Strategy
  • Market Intelligence and Competition Strategy
  • Market Entry and Expansion Strategy
  • Sales and Business Development Strategy
  • Growth Strategy

Profit Improvement Program

In today’s complex business environment, companies are struggling to be more efficient in everything they do. Profits are squeezed due to the slow-down in economies and fierce competition.

In emerging economies, products are manufactured at very low costs and additionally, companies get subsidies and other incentives from their respective governments. This further increases the pressure on global companies to compete profitably in emerging economies. They are exposed to constant challenges to eliminate waste, improve efficiencies and demonstrate to their customers the value proposition of their products and achieve profit improvement at the same time.

The Profit Improvement Program at HLS is conceptualized after taking into consideration a holistic view of our client’s business. We develop deep understanding of the business and industry in which our client operates. We design and implement a unique and result oriented methodology based upon circumstances which are most relevant to the clients.

We achieve measurable results by bringing together relevant tools and techniques benchmarked with industry best practices and making it workable for our clients to improve their profitability. For more information on our Profit Improvement Program, contact us today.

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement Function Optimization
  • Finance Function Optimization
  • IT Function Optimization
  • Human Resource Function Optimization

Risk Consulting

Transaction and Re-Structuring