Japan Desk

Japan Desk

Our Japan Desk supports Japanese companies to succeed in their endeavors in India and help them solving several business and non-business issues and challenges for their successful and pleasant stay in India.

The Japan Desk in India also helps Indian companies in their successful business activities in Japan.

Our multidisciplinary Japan Desk team include Japanese Management Graduate, Japanese CPA, Japanese Lawyer and Japanese Industry Specialists who work together with our Indian team of professional experts to provide the most simple and effective solutions to our clients in India.

We can cater to your requirements in both Japanese and English languages.

For all business and personal requirements of Japanese expatriates in India, please contact:

General Manager, Client Service, Japan Desk

Mr. Naoto Ejima
Mobile Number: +91 91080 30825
Email: JapanDesk@HLS-Global.in

India Orientation Program

  • Trade and Investment Opportunities 
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Tourism: Popular tourist destinations  
  • Business Culture 
  • Indian Hospitality “Atithi Devo Bhava”; i.e. “the guest is equivalent to God”  
  • Important Festivals and Events 
  • Country’s diverse regions, languages, religions and cultural traditions  
  • Communication Styles  
  • Translation / Interpretation Support
  • Interview Assistance
  • Legal Contract Drafting and Review
  • Vendor and Customer Negotiation Support
  • Coordination with Government and Authorities in India

Risk Consulting

Japan Desk Services

Event Plan for 2021 for Japanese Expatriates in India