Compliance Services

Compliance Services

A lot of companies thought they implemented optimum compliance systems but learned after the intense regulatory scrutiny that they really did not. In Compliance, there is always room for improvement and continuous improvement never stops.

HLS India follows the methodology of continuous improvement in the existing compliance systems and processes to maximize the benefits available under current regulatory environment, introducing the best industry practices, improving the cash flow and profitability, and reducing the risk of regulatory action.


HLS India believes that industry knowledge results in higher quality audits, and therefore, we place greater emphasis on industry specialization.

Apart from accounting insights, our reporting is focused on communicating business insights and results of risk assessment gained during an audit to the management, which highlight critical issues for management to improve upon.

Our Assurance service offerings include:

Periodic group reporting based upon audit instructions from group auditor

  • Internal Financial Control (IFC)
  • US-SOX
  • J-SOX
  • Japanese GAAP
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Annual audit assistance involves meeting the stringent documentation requirements of external and group auditors


Governments in developing economies like India are increasing their spends on infrastructure and welfare activities way beyond their means.

Additionally, for multinational companies in India, new and constantly evolving laws such as transfer pricing and Goods & Services Tax (GST) has resulted in more compliances and careful tax planning to optimize their tax strategy in India consistent with their global tax policy.

The aggressive attitude of tax authorities, uncertainty in estimating tax risks and new evolving tax laws require much more than mere tax compliance.

Clear and practical advice is critical to the establishment of a robust and tax effective structure.

HLS India’s comprehensive process driven tax management solutions, as per the changing tax environment and client’s expectations, supported by local and global professionals, help clients minimize uncertainty related to taxation risks in India.

Our Taxation service offerings include:


With multiple increase in the quantum of domestic and cross border trade of goods and services in an increasingly complex business environment, the importance and criticality of understanding the relevant Legal & Regulatory framework has been one of the top agenda items of the management of globally expanding corporates.

Deeper evaluation of risks and optimizing benefits from relevant legal and regulatory framework is the most important aspect for corporates aiming to enter and expand in India.

HLS India’s comprehensive process driven regulatory management solutions, as per the changing legal and regulatory environments and client expectations, supported by local and global professionals, help clients minimize uncertainty related to the legal and regulatory risks in India.

Our Regulatory service offerings include: