Cooperation, Competition and Conflict in Indian Society

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The idea of sharing thoughts about “Understanding India” from non-business perspective got very encouraging response from our clients, colleagues and friends. This response has acted as a source of inspiration while launching HLS India’s first e-newsletter in India.

The people are very important component of a country. People interaction takes place in the form of cooperation, competition or conflict. It is important to understand these behavioral aspects in Indian society before building relationships and doing successful business in India.

Our knowledge and familiarity about society are generally based upon certain beliefs and viewpoints. These beliefs are partial. Therefore, this results in seeing only a part of social reality which could be incomplete and biased towards view points and interests of our own social group.

There is no solution to this problem that could show us the whole of reality in a completely unbiased way.

At HLS India, we did a survey of the available case studies on Sociology, Anthropology and Social Anthropology, Psychology and Religion to know different aspects of Indian society. Through this research, we made an attempt to focus on how to see the world from many different perspectives – not just our own, but also that of others unlike ourselves. By comparing different perspectives of different people and groups within the society, we get to understand what the whole might look like and what is missing from each specific view points.

The entire series of articles is meant to introduce you to Indian society from a sociological rather than common sense point of view. These articles will explain “why” and “how” of competition, cooperation or conflict in Indian society in terms of the actual social structure of Indian society.

We believe this understanding is important in having harmonious relationship with stakeholders in India and achieve business objectives.

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